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Stuffed Animal Emergency Room

I've got a Wool + Wax Tote almost put together. That is a great instant gratification project. There are four exterior pieces and three interior pieces, and using waxed canvas, the only pieces that need to be interfaced are the interior lining and pocket pieces. I used teal canvas for the main part of the bag and navy blue for the bottom. The navy blue is so dark that it is almost black. I have black waxed canvas, too, and I had to take both pieces of yardage outside in the natural light to figure out which was which. Right now, I am trying to decide what to use for handles. I love the leather handles but they are expensive. One set of handles is between $12 and $15 dollars, depending on length. And of course, they can't be had locally unless I want to get a saddlery shop to cut them for me or I buy a whole hide and do it myself (and neither option cuts down on the price a whole lot). I even did a quick tour of thrift stores looking for some I could cut off bags. Real leather handles are hard to find. It's all polyurethane/vinyl out there. 

I am stuck in that spot between making the occasional bag for myself/friends and full production. I make enough stuff that paying retail for supplies gets expensive, but I don't really qualify for wholesale discounts (yet). I could do what some people on the Creative Bagmaking group do and go on Ali Express and order direct from China (or India or wherever) and then wait for 3-4 weeks for items to be delivered. I'm still thinking on this. In the meantime, I might try some navy blue cotton webbing on this bag for handles and see what I think.

Janet's Mending and Alterations continues to be open for business. I patched a pair of my friend Anna's jeans for her this week. I also fixed a stuffed animal. The other night, Ali and her little guy stopped over followed by Elysian and her little guy (he just turned 4). I whipped up some Redneck sausages and fried potatoes and a salad and we all sat around and visited and the two little ones played with the trucks. Elysian's little guy had come in holding a stuffed cat. He handed it over and said to me, "Can you fix Kitty?" Kitty had been abducted by Elysian's dog and its ear was coming off. I sewed it back on and it looked as good as new. I am not going to say no when a little kid asks me to fix a stuffed animal. The husband said I should change my name to Janet's Mending and Alterations and Stuffed Animal Emergency Room. 

Home maintenance continues. The husband got up on the roof the other day—it was a rare sunny and dry day—and changed out the bulbs in the motion detector lights:

It's too messy to pour concrete, although that hasn't stopped people from calling about jobs. The husband said he got four calls about new jobs the other day. He's already been out to look at a couple of jobsites. I talked to my friend Twila's husband at church on Sunday—he is a builder, too—and he said he's been experiencing the same thing. People want to get their building jobs scheduled for as soon as the weather improves. 

I'm supposed to go to Seattle this weekend to deliver a load of stuff to DD#1. She flew there a few weeks ago and couldn't take everything with her. The plan is to leave Friday after work and spend the night in Spokane (DD#2 is going with me to Seattle), but I am keeping a close eye on the weather. It looks like we might get some significant moisture that day—rain in the valleys and snow over the mountains. I'll have to see what it's doing Friday morning. I can always go the northern route, which isn't quite as awful as driving over Lookout Pass but takes longer. The problem is that if I don't go this weekend, I can't go again until March. I have a board meeting via video next Friday and then hospital list the following two Fridays. We'll see. The temps are supposed to stay up in the high 30s, so once I get out of Montana, it should just be rain. I am experienced in driving in lousy weather but I also know better than to take stupid chances if I don't have to. But if I make it to Seattle, we're going to have lunch with my cousin Lucy on Saturday and I am hoping to squeeze in a quick trip to Seattle Fabrics as it's only a couple of blocks from the hotel (yes, I planned it that way). 

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Reader Comments (2)

Janet, There's a Cindy Szabo on Just Us Quilters facebook page from Elyria, OH. But she said she doesn't know you. I thought sure you'd be related somehow! Carol

January 31, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

I was born in Elyria, actually, but there are a lot of Szabos in that area. It's a common name in Hungary, like Smith.

January 31, 2018 | Registered CommenterJanet Szabo

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