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O Sewist, Thou Art Fickle

I went up to my cutting room last night and couldn't decide what to work on first. Analysis paralysis from too many choices is almost as bad as losing one's sewjo. I decided that I would rather not start cutting the messenger bag until I have the lining fabric and a good idea of which direction I am heading. I went downstairs and ordered and downloaded the Noodlehead Range Backpack pattern. I went back upstairs and inventoried my waxed canvas again. I have a yard each—54" wide—of red, black, navy, sage green, smoke blue, gray and hot pink. (That hot pink is going to end up in a very special bag for me at some point because it is my favorite color.) I had a little bit left of the teal, enough to make one more Wool + Wax Tote, so that's what I cut out:

The lining is another remnant and again, I had just enough. It's a directional print, though, so I couldn't just cut the 17" x 34" piece called for in the pattern across the width of the fabric. Instead, I cut two 17" x 17" pieces and will seam them together at the bottom. That should give me a lining that fits a bit more snugly in the bag. I am not wedded to that red for the front pocket lining. It picks up some red in the print, but it might clash too much with the teal. The front pocket lining isn't very visible, though, so it might be okay. I'll have to think on that a bit. 

Part of the other reason that I wanted to use up the teal waxed canvas was to get an idea of exactly how many and which kind of bags I can get out of a yard, just in case I decide to start selling some. (There are licensing agreements included in most of these patterns.) I need to be able to calculate material costs. I have a piece left that is about 17" x 10". I think I'll be able to use that as an accent piece in another bag. I want as few scraps of waxed canvas left as possible. 

[I bought a pattern yesterday—the Waterlily Tote from Blue Calla—and I notice that she specifies to zig-zag over the edges of the waxed canvas pattern pieces to keep them from fraying. I haven't run into that before and I have quite a few patterns designed for waxed canvas. Nor have I run into a problem with the waxed canvas fraying. The wax helps the fabric to keep its integrity, I think. She may be getting her waxed canvas from a different supplier. In any case, I would probably serge over those edges if I thought they needed it.]

This will be another easy sew. I won't get to Jo-Anns anytime soon; we are being treated to freezing rain right now to be followed by a snowstorm this afternoon. And I have hospital list tomorrow. The husband and I are supposed to attend a fire department dinner tonight—a thank-you from the trustees—but Murphy's Law dictates that any fire department gathering for fun and relaxation will be interrupted by either a house fire or some major motor vehicle incident, particularly if the weather is lousy. I hope not. I am looking forward to seeing some people I haven't seen in a while.

One of the other items that has moved further up the sewing to-do list is making more minky and flannel baby blankets. We've had a rash of new babies recently and my stock is getting low. I like to keep half a dozen or so on hand. One of them is going to a new baby born to some friends of ours on the fire department, which is how I know that I need to make more. 

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I'll have to look back over your posts on those baby blankets. Stepson's girlfriend is due in July.

February 9, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterNotsothoreau

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