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I know I have been writing a lot in the blog lately, but this is just as much a creative outlet for me as sewing is. Blogging about my projects helps clarify a lot of the process for me. 

I am still kind of stuck at the moment—hoping that the bottomless well of energy and creativity that I had last week will resurface at some point—but I forced myself to go upstairs after dinner last night and get started on the Hayden bag. This is where I was when I stopped:

I got all of the pieces cut and interfaced. I went with SF101 on the back of the poplin (that's the black that you see) as well as on the back of the yellow lining pieces (in white), even though the pattern did not call for interfacing on the lining pieces. That yellow print was lightweight enough that it definitely needed something. The jury is still out on whether or not one layer of SF101 is enough for the poplin. I am trying to keep in mind something that I read from one of the bag designers, that interfacing bags isn't a science. Sometimes it requires experimentation to get it right. Just because the standard is one layer of SF101 doesn't mean that I am limited to one layer of SF101. It might be that this particular fabric requires two layers of SF101. Or a layer of SF101 and a layer of fleece. Or a layer of something slightly heavier than SF101 but lighter than Decor-Bond. (Pellon has a whole line of interfacings and I've only scratched the surface.) I won't really know until I get a bit further into the process. 

You can see that I also added a magnetic snap to the pocket in lieu of the Velcro that was specified in the pattern. I dislike Velcro almost as much as I dislike spandex. I think the magnetic snap is classier. 

I'll finish this bag and see what I think. I bought a yard of the navy blue, which is enough for at least two more bags. I'm also setting up a second Necchi—probably the BU Mira—so that I don't have to keep changing thread colors. Multiple sewing machines is a luxury I am going to exploit, trust me. 

The husband very patiently sits and listens to me talk about bag construction over breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are some similarities to housing construction. He got a set of plans last year for a house on which he was bidding the foundation—except that the plans didn't include the foundation blueprints. We really scratched our heads over that one. (He has his own opinions about architects and engineers.) I doubt that I will ever have the level of spatial perception ability that he does, but I am getting better. The brain is plastic enough that it can learn things that are difficult. It just takes some discipline. I had a really, really hard time with knitting charts when they first started showing up in knitting patterns. I forced myself to learn to use them to the point where they became my preferred method of reading stitch patterns. Bags are the same way. With each project, it gets easier for me to "see" in my head where things are going. 

I am also trying to rely more on my ear when I play the piano, although I am not applying myself to honing that particular skill with the same dedication. I have figured out that if I start with an easier piece of music, I can "fill in" and add embellishments and chord substitutions by ear. I do that mostly with familiar hymns. (I took piano lessons at a music school where embellishment and improvisation were frowned upon. If Beethoven hadn't written it that way, who was I to mess with the notes on the page? Playing by ear is not a skill I ever developed but it sure is handy in church.) 

My poor brain. I am sure that some days it wishes I would just leave it alone and let it veg out in front of the television. 

Yesterday was the mumbling doctor's last day at the clinic. I did an extra 20 minutes of audio (not his) in celebration.  

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