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Hello 2018!

I am not one for New Year's resolutions, but I do try to abide by the adage to "begin as you mean to go on." Normally, that would mean spending today sewing. This year, however, I am beginning with a road trip. DD#1 is scheduled to take her board exam in Spokane tomorrow. I had told her when she scheduled it that I would go over with her. It will give me a chance to spend some more time with her before she moves to Seattle in a few weeks and it will also give me a much-needed mini-vacation. I'll hit up a few fabric stores while she is taking her test. We're leaving later this morning and coming back on Wednesday. The roads should be relatively decent, all things considered. 

Perhaps this means that 2018 will be a year of road trips. That wouldn't surprise me in the least. I already have two trips scheduled to Boise: one in April for a denominational board meeting and to help out at the Nampa Mennonite relief sale (the Idaho version of the Ritzville sale that happens in October) and another trip down there in June for our denomination's annual meeting. Normally, those denominational meetings happen in Portland. The fact that they are both in Boise this year is just how it worked out. It matters not to me. It's a 10-hour drive either way. 

DD#1 starts her new job in Seattle in a few weeks. She'll take what she can with her, but I am planning a weekend trip over later this month to move the rest of her stuff. This itinerant young adult stage is hard. Seattle will be the fourth location she has lived in since last May. It also means that a lot of her belongings are being stored in our basement until she finds something more permanent. 

The husband and DD#2 will be here to hold down the fort for the next two days. DD#2's boyfriend, James, is also here. When DD#2 left for Italy, the two of them made plans that James would fly up here from Denver on New Year's Day and they would hang out here until they had to go back to Gonzaga for spring semester. (Classes start the 17th but they may go back earlier as they are living in houses off-campus.) When I was in Spokane in October, James asked me if it was okay if he surprised DD#2 by coming up a day early. It worked out perfectly: he arrived in Kalispell on the early afternoon flight yesterday. I told DD#2 that I was going to town after church to get groceries—which was entirely true—but I also picked James up from the airport. She was very surprised (and happy) when he walked in.

I did end 2017 with some sewing even if I can't begin 2018 with any. We made pizza for dinner last night (using the Jovial einkorn flour, which does not appear to disagree with my digestive system at all, yay!) and then I headed upstairs for some quality time with Vittorio, my Necchi BF, to work on the pillowcases I pinned up on Saturday. That was the first sewing I had done since the middle of December. I could tell Vittorio was happy to be working again, too. He just purred along. I got the contrast edges sewn to about a dozen pillowcases, opened them up, and called it good. I hung them up on the railing in the hallway until I can get back to them. 

Regal Fabric and Gifts, one of the quilt shops in Spokane, posted on Facebook that they have the new Gonzaga fabric in stock, so I plan to stop in and get a few yards:

This will likely end up as pillowcases or PJs for some Gonzaga students I know. 

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Thanks, Janet. Not sure why it wouldn't open this morning. Carol

January 1, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

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