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Back in the (Sewing) Saddle

Being able to move the cutting table back into DD#2's room has been huge. I hadn't realized how much cutting I do and how much I rely on having it set up where I can get to it easily. I spent last night cranking through the stack of pillowcases that I started a couple of weeks ago. They stalled because there is a step that requires trimming the long selvedge off each pillowcase and I had no good place to do that without the cutting table set up. 

DD#1 flies back to Seattle today. She passed her licensing exam with flying colors. Now she just has to get all the paperwork, fingerprinting, etc., taken care of at her new job and she can start seeing patients. I know she's excited. 

[I got her pants hemmed yesterday afternoon. I cut off the extra length, finished the edge of the pants on the serger, then proceeded to blind hem the first pant leg wrong-side out. Duh. Once I got that sorted, they turned out well and she was happy.]

After she leaves, I can move my plastic storage boxes full of fabric out of our bathroom and back into her room. We shouldn't have a houseful of people like this again until perhaps next Christmas, and maybe by then I will have figured out a better system. I am pretty organized; it's just that things are spread out in different rooms. 

This picture is making the rounds of some of the sewing lists I belong to (I don't know who to attribute it to, unfortunately):

It's an accurate description of the second floor of our house, I think, although I do not have an embroidery machine room. 

The husband asked me if I saw the embroidery machine that is for sale on Craigslist. (I am still trying to decide if he is being helpful or not when he brings these things to my attention.) I thought that the description in the ad was pretty funny: Mechanic Husband Buys "The Perfect Gift" for Wife. Wife has never sewn can guess what happened... 

I am not in the market for an embroidery machine, by the way. 

The husband and I have a rule that we don't buy tools for each other. My mother once bought my father a table saw and kept it in the trunk of the car until Christmas. Back then, though, a Craftsman table saw was the top of the line and it would have been hard to go wrong. The farthest I have ventured into the "buying tools" territory was to get the husband an auto-darkening welding helmet. He mentioned something about one a few weeks before Christmas one year, so I went to Norco and got a really nice one. For the most part, though, we leave the purchasing to the person who will be using said tool(s). 

I have hospital list today. I am planning "date weekend" to mark the return of our empty nest. (We do love our children, but the goal has never been to have them live with us forever.) I just want to hang out, watch playoff games with the husband, and sew. 

Something new showed up in my inbox yesterday and it has gotten moved toward the top of the queue:

This is the Hayden Bag from The pattern was just released. I love cross-body bags; I hate having to manage a purse while I am shopping, so something that I can hook over my body, leaving my hands free, is fabulous. I have an Eagle Creek cross-body bag made from black nylon that I use when I travel. DD#2, who is not shy about voicing her opinion on my wardrobe, thinks it is clunky and heavy. (The strap is reinforced with metal mesh for security, which does make it heavier than a normal bag and is the reason I don't use it all the time.) The Hayden bag is very similar to my Eagle Creek bag, but about 4" shorter. I am pretty sure I could lengthen this pattern to make a bag closer to the dimensions of my Eagle Creek one. I'll make one according to the pattern, first, just to work out any bugs in my understanding of how it's constructed. 

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