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Our upper roof has a 12'-12' pitch and it's metal. When we get several feet of snow, the snow may stay up there for a while, especially if the air temps stay cold. As soon as it warms up into the high 20s, though, that snow starts to let loose. It sounds like a roaring freight train as it avalanches down onto the porch roof. (It is great fun to be awakened by that sound at 2 a.m., thinking that the house is collapsing down around you.) 

Eventually, the snow builds up on the porch roof to the point where it avalanches down to the ground. I was upstairs yesterday, sewing, when I heard the tell-tale sounds of a big slab of snow about to let loose, so I looked out the bathroom window. Sure enough, the snow was inching ever closer to the edge of the porch roof. I went downstairs and opened the kitchen door just in time to see it all come down with a big whoosh! (I am easily entertained.) Ali's little guy was here when the slab on the front porch let loose, so he and I stood in the front door and watched it come down. 

This is what the back porch looks like now:

DD#2's boyfriend, James, is out there cleaning this up. The husband likes to get the excess off the porch. 

There is a big slab of snow on the garage roof, too, but that pitch isn't as steep and it might stay up there for a while:

I was rather sad to see it warm up yesterday. The snow on the trees was very pretty. Now it is all a half-melted ugly mess. Oh well. 


I finally decided that I am just going to have to sit on my desire to start some new projects until next weekend when everyone has gone back to school and work. I started out yesterday thinking I might try to make a small bag of some sort, but then I realized that I would have to pull supplies out of all the places I had stashed them and that was just too overwhelming. Instead, I made another six of these blocks:

This is the same pattern as the quilt that is currently on our bed. I like this pattern because it doesn't require a lot of brainpower. I already had 10 blocks finished, and the six I started yesterday went quickly. I just chain piece them through the machine. The quilt on our bed is made up of thirty-six 12" blocks. I'd like to make this one bigger—probably 48 blocks. I am one-third of the way there. I move the blocks around as I finish new ones; the fabrics in the first couple of blocks are different than the fabrics in later blocks, just depending on what's in the scrap bag, so I try to distribute things as evenly as possible. Admittedly, in something this chaotic, it might not matter, but I try. 

This quilt top is rather a good metaphor for what my house and life is like at the moment. The key is to go with the flow and not overthink things. 

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