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A Finished Wool + Wax Tote

I am a huge fan of Anna Graham's Noodlehead patterns. The love started way back in 2012 when she released her Open Wide Pouch pattern/tutorial. I made 19 (!) of them for DD#2's cheer team in school colors, and another half dozen in various permutations for family members. I really like her design asthetic and the fact that her patterns are well written and heavily tested. In addition to the Open Wide pouches, I've made the Zip Top Tote from her book Handmade Style, the Explorer Tote, and now the Wool + Wax Tote. I have patterns for the Super Tote and Caravan Tote. I am kicking around adding the new Range Backpack to the queue. 

As I mentioned, the Wool + Wax Tote is a quick, instant gratification project. I cut it out Sunday night, put the main bag together Monday night, and finished it last night. (I didn't sew Tuesday night.) 

It's a bit wrinkly here from being turned inside out; I like the crinkly look of the waxed canvas, but I have also discovered that taking a hair dryer to the waxed canvas will smooth it out. It looks better in person. This was at 8 o'clock last night and I just don't have a good spot in my house for indoor photos. I ended up going with the webbing handles. I decided I liked the way they looked with the navy blue canvas. 

The topstitching. Oh, the topstitching. I adore that Necchi industrial:

That's one row of topstitching done with the 1/8" compensating foot and a second row done with the 1/2" compensating foot.

The lining was a remnant (naturally), of which I had exactly enough:

I thought it was perfect. It had the navy blue and teal with that shot of coral to give it some pop. On the next one, though, I will cut the length of the lining down by at least half an inch. The instructions for this bag have the lining cut in one large piece with no bottom seam, which is where I usually make a larger seam to take up some excess. I should have sliced off half an inch from the top of the lining when I was putting the bag together. It pools a bit at the bottom. Next time. 

The front pocket got lined with navy blue Kona because there wasn't enough of the triangle fabric to line it, too. 

Great bag, great design, fun sewing. 


Tuesday night, because I had gone to town and was too tired to sew, the husband and I watched some YouTube videos. I was looking for one I had seen a link to about sewing a welding jacket, but I am still trying to find it. Instead, we watched a series of videos by a guy who decided to make himself some welding hats. They are cotton skull caps with a brim worn inside a welding helmet. 

This guy obviously has more experience welding than he does sewing, but I said to the husband that I would give him a B+ on his welding hat. He was a beginning sewist with a basic machine. It was clear, though, that he had made an effort to research proper sewing techniques AND he had an iron and an ironing board, which is more than a lot of sewists bother with. (Seeing unpressed fabrics in sewing tutorials is one of my biggest pet peeves.) He didn't run his sewing machine at 150 miles per hour. Despite his inexperience, he ended up with a perfectly serviceable welding cap which—as the husband noted—was going to be filthy right after the first welding project was done. It certainly didn't need to be constructed with heirloom sewing techniques. 

I had to giggle when he said he was going to "weld—uh, I mean sew," the fabrics together. Sewing and welding are actually pretty similar, I think. 


My mother got her glasses case yesterday and pronounced that it "works perfectly." I still need to make one for myself, but I can cross that one off the list. I still need to do a generator cover...

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