Playing with Presser Feet on the Industrial Machine

I am itching to get the serger out and play with it. I need to start making some tops for myself, as I am reminded every time I go to put on a summery T-shirt and realize that once again, it is too short for my long torso. I've found a couple of patterns that look like they will work nicely, including the Alexa Top from Tesutti. I like that one because of the three different sleeve options. I've also kicked around the idea of taking apart one of my current knit tops and reverse engineering it. I have a Liz Claiborne top that is about 13 years old; I keep wearing it because it fits so well and is very comfortable but my mother and my kids think it needs to be retired. (The chickens do not care.) 

I have been churning out grocery bags and playing with some of the presser feet on the industrial. I used a compensating foot yesterday for the topstitching:

So professional looking. 

I ran into an weird problem the other day. I bought a magnetic seam guide for that machine because there are no measurement markings on the throat plate and because I don't like screw-on seam guides. (There were four different screw-on guides in the collection of attachments and I tried every single one.) When I put the magnetic seam guide on the bed, though, I started having all sorts of problems with sloppy stitching and thread jams, all of which stopped when I took the seam guide off the bed. It makes me wonder if the magnet was so strong that it was messing with the needle and/or the bobbin case, but I have never heard of such a problem with those guides. Perhaps this machine just doesn't like them. In any case, I am back to eyeballing my 1/2" seams, which is not that difficult to do. Somewhere, I have some adhesive measurements guides that stick onto the throat plate, but I filed them and can't remember where I put them. 

And I just had to laugh at myself: The other night, when I was cutting more canvas for bags, I had amassed a stack of pieces of black for bottoms. I went back to the stack of canvas remnants to pull out contrasting colors for the tops, and without thinking, I grabbed the bright yellow. I put the bright yellow next to the black and the very next thought that went through my head was, "I can't use that combination—those are Steelers colors!" 

The husband says those might be very popular grocery bags to sell to Steelers fans in Pennsylvania, but there is no way that this lifelong Browns fan is going to make any. EVER. 


The columbines are blooming in the herb garden:

I love the fringed flowers and the deep purple color of that variety. There is a similar one that is more of a burgundy shade. 

This pale pink one is also pretty:

The columbines are allowed to seed themselves wherever they like. I only pull them up if they are really in the way. 


Windham Fabrics just released a new line of fabric called The Big Dig. It is the cutest thing ever:

I think Auntie Janet needs to make some pajamas and a pillowcase for a certain little boy who loves construction equipment. 

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Reader Comments (5)

Don't ever trash/give away your Liz Claiborne -- ever!
I often wish I had one of her 2 or 3 piece pantsuits that I wore to work in the '70s/'80s.
They were reasonably priced, fit well and were good looking.

I'll be dead before the world sees that kind of quality for "run-of-the-mill" clothes again.
Just sayin'!

June 8, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMarcia

PJ's for DH?

June 8, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDoreen

Marcia, for about the last 20 years or so, my wardrobe has been made up almost exclusively of Liz stuff. I completely agree with you, although the quality has declined considerably in the last couple of years. It's really hit and miss now. I looked at the spring/summer offerings at Penneys a few weeks ago and was very disappointed. Cheap fabrics, cheap construction, and almost everything way too short for me. :(

Doreen, I was thinking more of Ali's little guy. :D

June 8, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJanet Szabo

How about some painter's tape to mark your 1/2 inch. It shouldn't leave any stickyness behind. I've even used post-its in a pinch.

June 8, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDeb in PA

Deb, I have heard of people using those things, but I don't put tape or sticky things of any kind on any sewing machine beds, even products that aren't supposed to stick. That is a result of having to clean all sorts of gunky residue off vintage machines. :(

June 9, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterJanet Szabo

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