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Who are these people? Where is this place? What is this woman doing with all of these sewing machines? 


Me: I'm Janet, the person who started this blog as a way to keep my mother and my mother-in-law informed about what was happening out here in Montana. As with so many things, this project took on a life of its own and—amazingly enough—acquired a bunch of followers. Who knew? I write about lots of different things that are interesting to me; I try to make them interesting for all my readers, too, because there is a lot to know about life here in Montana. I used to be a professional knitter designer but gave that up about five years ago to become a medical transcriptionist. Now I spend my free time sewing and making quilts, and about a year ago I started collecting vintage sewing machines and learning how to clean and repair them. We live on seven acres and grow our own food and raise pigs and chickens. One of the things you'll notice pretty quickly from reading the blog is that we don't sit still very much around here. 

The Husband: He has a name, but I refer to him as the husband on the blog to give him some measure of anonymity. After all, it's my blog, not his. This is the guy I met in college and have been married to since 1990. He makes a living pouring concrete foundations and relaxes by being a farmer. He is partly responsible for my newfound love of vintage sewing machines, having gifted me with a Singer Featherweight a few years ago. He is the one person who knows exactly what to say to me to make me dissolve into giggles and he is the one person I would rather spend time with than anyone else. 

DD#1 and DD#2: The ""DD" stands for "darling daughter" and we have two of them. They both happen to be living in Spokane at the moment, which is about a four-hour drive from Kalispell. The older one is in a master's degree program in Occupational Therapy at Eastern Washington University on the downtown Spokane campus. The younger one is a student at Gonzaga University. We miss them but we really like our empty nest. 

Lila and Rusty: These are our dogs. Technically, they are supposed to be guard dogs, but they think that all of the people who pull into the driveway are here making puppy treat deliveries. They are very entertaining and occasionally show up on the blog. 


We live east of Kalispell, Montana, on seven acres at the base of the Swan Mountains. We're about 25 miles from Glacier Park. It's a bit more populated here than it was when we moved here 23 years ago, but we still love it. 


We work hard, because both of us just plain like being busy and productive. During the summer, we have a big garden and also raise pigs. We keep chickens year-round and sell eggs to the neighbors. I can and freeze enough of what we grow to keep us fed during the winter. I am also a member of the local Mennonite church and the church pianist. The husband has been a volunteer firefighter and EMT for the past 20 years. We love the community we live in and plan to be here for a good long while.